MGM Resorts Parking: Self-Parking & Valet Parking Fee (2024)

If you plan a trip to the fabulous MGM Resorts in 2024, you’ll want to stay informed about their Self-Parking & Valet Parking fees. I’ll help you navigate these costs, which vary depending on the hotel, and how to possibly avoid paying them altogether.

In recent years, MGM Resorts has implemented parking fees for guests staying at their Las Vegas properties. These MGM Resorts parking fees have become commonplace among major hotel chains, so it’s no surprise that they continue to update their parking policies.

Whether you’re looking for a luxury experience with valet parking or you prefer the convenience of self-parking, it’s essential to know the fees you’ll encounter during your stay.

I aim to inform you about the latest changes to MGM Resorts Parking, both Self & Valet fees for 2024. With this information, you can plan your trip effectively, reducing any surprises regarding parking charges.

Now, let’s discover what you need to know about these fees and how they may impact your Las Vegas vacation.

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MGM Resorts Self-Parking

I’ve been researching the most recent updates on MGM Resorts’ parking self and valet parking fees for 2024. There’s some significant news in this area, and I wanted to share the important details with you all.

MGM Resorts Self-Parking

Self-Parking Free Charges

1st HourFree
1 – 4 Hours$15
4 – 24 Hours$18
Each Additional Day$18

These updated rates apply to all guests using the self-parking facilities, but some exceptions exist. Let’s break down these exceptions:

  • M Life Rewards Members: MGM Resorts offers a tiered rewards program called M Life Rewards, which grants members various perks and benefits. Self-parking fees may be waived for Pearl, Gold, Platinum, and NOIR tier members.
  • Hotel Guests: Some MGM Resorts properties may offer complimentary self-parking for hotel guests during their stay. It’s recommended that you confirm with your specific hotel before arrival.
  • Special Events: Self-parking fees may be temporarily adjusted or waived during certain events and promotions. Check MGM Resort’s website for any updates during special occasions.

It’s important to note that MGM Resorts properties have implemented ticketless parking systems.

What does this mean for you? Instead of receiving a physical ticket, you’ll scan a QR code using your smartphone. Additionally, payment can be made at the parking lot exit terminal or through MGM Resorts’ mobile app.

Remember, parking fees at MGM Resorts can change at any time. It’s always a good idea to stay informed about the latest updates and plan your visit accordingly to enjoy a hassle-free experience.

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Valet Parking Fee Changes for 2024

As we move into 2024, I’ve noticed several changes related to valet parking fees at MGM Resorts. To keep you updated, I’ve gathered the most recent information about these changes and how they might affect your future visits. So let’s dive right in!

MGM Resorts Parking

First, MGM Resorts Parking increased its valet parking fees across its hotel properties. It’s common for MGM Resorts to update their fees yearly, so staying current on the latest changes is important to avoid surprises.

This year, they increased their rates by a small percentage, yet these changes may still impact your overall budget. Here’s a breakdown of the updated valet parking rates:

Duration$ Price (Mon – Thu)$ Price (Fri – Sun)
0-2 hours$18$20
2-4 hours$22$24
4-24 hours$26$30
Additional 24 hours$26$30

Another crucial change to pay attention to is the elimination of valet parking discounts for certain membership tiers. MGM Resorts’ M life Rewards program is used to offer valet parking benefits for Gold, Platinum, and NOIR members.

However, starting in 2024, these benefits have been discontinued. All guests and M Life Rewards members are subject to the standard valet parking fees. This change may disappoint loyal MGM patrons who previously enjoyed complimentary or discounted valet parking services.

Additionally, it’s crucial to know that some MGM Resorts parking properties offer exceptions to general valet parking fees. For example, MGM ARIA, MGM Bellagio, and MGM Vdara have higher valet parking fees than other MGM properties.

They focus on delivering an upscale experience in their standout locations. Remember these distinctions when planning your stay, as it could affect your overall budget.

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Comparing MGM Resorts Parking Fees

Regarding MGM Resorts, knowing about their self-parking and valet parking fees before planning a visit is essential, as these costs can add up quickly.

MGM Resorts Parking

In this section, I’ll compare the parking fees of various MGM Resorts to help you better understand which options work best for your budget.

MGM Resorts in Las Vegas typically offer three parking categories: Complimentary, Paid, and Valet. The fees vary depending on the specific resort:

PropertyFirst Hour1-4 Hours4-24 HoursEach Additional Day
Mandalay BayFree$18/$22$26/$30$26/$30
MGM GrandFree$18/$22$26/$30$26/$30
New York-New YorkFree$15$18$18
Park MGMFree$15$18$18

Here’s what to expect from each parking category:

  • Complimentary Parking: Some MGM Resorts offer free self-parking for the first 60 minutes. This option is ideal for those who want to pick up or drop off guests without staying for an extended period.
  • Paid Parking: After the first hour, you’ll incur fees that range from $6 to $30, depending on the resort and the duration of your stay. Remember that these fees apply every 24 hours, and there’s often a grace period for entry or exit.
  • Valet Parking: For those who prefer the convenience of valet parking, rates range from $14 to $45, depending on the resort. Please note that valet prices are subject to change and may be higher during peak seasons or special events.

Additionally, MGM Resorts in other locations across the country might have different parking policies:

  • MGM Springfield in Massachusetts provides complimentary self-parking for all guests, with valet parking temporarily unavailable due to current circumstances.
  • Beau Rivage in Biloxi, Mississippi provides free self-parking, and valet parking fees vary based on the time of day and the individual’s player’s card level.

It’s always wise to double-check parking information for the specific MGM Resort you plan to visit, as rates and policies change occasionally. By understanding your options, you can make a more informed decision and budget accordingly for your next trip to an MGM Resort.

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When navigating the MGM Resorts Parking options, I’ll give you a helpful breakdown of self-parking and valet parking fees and my expert recommendations on choosing the best option for your needs.

Overall, MGM Resorts Parking is the more budget-friendly choice, but valet parking offers added convenience and a touch of luxury. Whichever option you choose, the most crucial part is to enjoy your time at MGM Resorts and take full advantage of the fantastic amenities and entertainment options.

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