Flamingo Las Vegas Parking: Self-Parking & Valet Parking Fee

Visiting the famous Flamingo Las Vegas in 2024? It’s essential to know about their self-parking and valet parking fees. Having all the crucial information will ensure a convenient experience and prevent unforeseen surprises.

In this article, I’ll provide all the details about self-parking and valet parking fees at Flamingo Las Vegas, so you can enjoy your time without worrying about parking.

In recent years, Flamingo Las Vegas Parking has adjusted its parking fees to accommodate more visitors and streamline their stay.

As a result, parking at Flamingo Las Vegas has become more ACCESSIBLE and affordable, regardless of whether you’re using self-parking or valet services. Understanding these fees and any changes in 2024 is crucial so you’ll make the most of your visit.

To ensure a RELAXED and successful stay, I’ll break down Flamingo Las Vegas’s self-parking and valet parking fees for 2024 in the following sections. Get acquainted with these details, and enjoy the best Las Vegas offers without stressing over parking.

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Understanding Flamingo Las Vegas Parking Options

Knowing your parking options is essential when visiting Flamingo Las Vegas in 2024. Choosing the right parking method can save you time and money while ensuring a hassle-free experience at this iconic resort.

Understanding Flamingo Las Vegas Parking Options

Flamingo Las Vegas Parking offers two main parking options:

  • Self-parking
  • Valet parking

Look at each option and the associated fees you can expect during your visit.

Self-parking at Flamingo Las Vegas is convenient for guests who prefer to park their own vehicles. The resort offers a large, well-lit parking garage with easy access to the casino, restaurants, and other amenities.

Valet parking is an excellent choice for guests seeking a more luxurious and convenient parking experience. With valet parking, friendly and professional staff will park your car, allowing you to focus on enjoying your visit.

For those looking to save on parking, it’s essential to know that self-parking is free for registered hotel guests and certain loyalty program members. Additionally, valet parking may be complimentary for higher-tier members of the resort’s loyalty program.

When planning your visit to Flamingo Las Vegas in 2024, don’t forget to factor the cost of parking into your budget. While both parking options have fees, selecting the right one for your needs will enhance your overall experience and ensure a smooth arrival and departure from the resort.

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2024 Self-Parking Fees at Flamingo

I recently looked at self-parking fees at Flamingo Las Vegas Parking, a popular hotel, and casino on the Las Vegas Strip, and how they changed in 2024. Visitors need to be aware of these fees to budget accurately and avoid unpleasant surprises.

2023 Self-Parking Fees at Flamingo

In 2024, the Flamingo Las Vegas Parking, self-parking fees vary depending on how long you stay parked in the lot. Here are some details on the pricing structure:

0 – 60 minFree
1 – 3 hours$15
3 – 24 hours$18
Each additional 24 hours$18

Discounts and free parking are available to certain Caesars Entertainment’s loyalty program members. The program, Caesars Rewards, ranks members by tier and offers benefits accordingly. Here’s a quick breakdown:

  • Gold members: no discounts on self-parking fees
  • Platinum members: free self-parking
  • Diamond members: free self-parking
  • Seven Stars members: free self-parking

It’s important to mention that hotel guests receive free self-parking during their stay at the Flamingo in 2024. This policy is subject to change, so verifying with the hotel before arrival is always good.

Now you’re equipped with all the essential information and can make informed decisions when planning to park at the Flamingo Las Vegas Parking in 2024.

Remember to consider your stay duration, loyalty program status, and alternative parking options to find the best deal for your parking needs.

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Valet Parking Rates for Flamingo in 2024

When planning a trip to the Flamingo Las Vegas resort, it’s essential to know the valet parking rates for 2024 to budget accordingly. I’ve compiled the updated rates for you, so you can know what to expect during your stay.

Valet Parking Rates for Flamingo

You’ll notice that valet parking fees differ depending on the length of time your vehicle stays parked. The longer your vehicle is in valet parking, the higher the fee. Here are the 2024 Flamingo Las Vegas valet parking rates:

Up to 4 hours$30
4 – 24 hours$36
Each additional 24 hours$36

When comparing these rates to self-parking rates, valet parking costs more, but it also provides the added convenience and time-saving benefits of taking care of your vehicle. Consider the following advantages and drawbacks of valet parking:


  • Vehicle drop-off is directly in front of the hotel, meaning you won’t have to walk far with your luggage
  • Fast pickup from the hotel when you’re ready to leave
  • The feeling of exclusivity and VIP treatment
  • Time-saving, especially during peak check-in and check-out times


  • Higher cost compared to self-parking
  • Reliance on valet attendants to retrieve your vehicle
  • Limited access to your car while it’s parked
  • Potential wait times for valet service, especially during busier periods at the resort

I hope knowing the valet parking rates for Flamingo Las Vegas Parking in 2024 will help you decide whether to utilize valet parking or self-parking during your visit.

Remember to consider factors such as convenience, cost differences, and the time of year you’re visiting to make the best choice for your travel needs.

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I’ve covered Flamingo Las Vegas self-parking and valet parking fees for 2024. It’s time to wrap up my insights in this final section. First, it’s essential to mention that these fees are subject to change, so always verify the latest rates before heading to the casino.

The Flamingo Las Vegas Parking fees shouldn’t significantly deter visitors. Despite the extra cost, the convenience of parking on-site is still a major advantage, as it ensures a secure spot for your vehicle during your stay. Moreover, the easy access to the hotel and casino adds to the overall guest experience.

Overall, Flamingo Las Vegas Parking fees provide a useful service for guests vacationing at the resort. With a little planning and smart use of available rewards, even budget-conscious visitors can enjoy the convenience of on-site parking without breaking the bank.

It’s worth considering Flamingo Las Vegas for your upcoming casino experience. Have a fantastic time enjoying all that this iconic resort has to offer!

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