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Welcome to LexaveBrew.com – your ultimate source of information for all things Las Vegas and brewing culture. Co-founded by Sarah Grant and Mike Haely, seasoned locals and brewery connoisseurs, we’re dedicated to providing comprehensive guides, expert tips, and insider insights to help both locals and visitors make the most of the city’s diverse offerings.

Mike Haely

Mike Haely is the co-founder of LexaveBrew.com and a Las Vegas native with a passion for brewing culture that runs as deep as his love for the city itself. With over a decade of experience in the brewery industry, Mike has not only sampled hundreds of craft beers but has also helped numerous microbreweries get off the ground. When he’s not offering expert tips and curating comprehensive guides for LexaveBrew.com, he’s likely visiting a new brewery in town or tinkering with home-brew recipes in his garage. Combining his business acumen with a discerning palate, Mike aims to elevate Las Vegas’ brewing scene and offer a resourceful platform for both locals and tourists alike.

Sarah Grant

Sarah Grant is the driving force behind the editorial content of LexaveBrew.com. A Las Vegas local, Sarah has always been fascinated by the rich tapestry of people, activities, and tastes that make up her hometown. With a background in journalism and a sharp eye for detail, she lends her expertise to crafting insightful articles and guides that help demystify the city’s bustling brewing scene. Whether you’re a Las Vegas resident or a visitor looking for the perfect brewpub, Sarah’s contributions offer a wealth of insider knowledge. When she’s not writing, you’ll find her exploring hidden gems in the city or planning the next LexaveBrew community event. Sarah’s mission is to make LexaveBrew.com a go-to source for anyone looking to experience the best of Las Vegas’ vibrant brewery culture.

Our Story

LexaveBrew was born out of Sarah’s and Mike’s passion for Las Vegas and their keen interest in the brewing culture. Being residents of Las Vegas for over a decade, Sarah and Mike have extensively explored the city’s landmarks, hidden gems, dining scenes, nightlife, cultural spots, and of course, its thriving breweries. In 2023, they decided to share their knowledge and enthusiasm with a wider audience, and that’s how LexaveBrew was born.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help you discover the magic of Las Vegas and cultivate an appreciation for its vibrant brewing scene. Whether you’re planning your first visit or you’ve been a resident for years, we aim to show you a side of Las Vegas that you’ve never seen before. We believe that every corner of this city holds a story and that every local brewery brings its unique flavor to our community.

Our Expertise

Sarah Grant and Mike Haely’s extensive local knowledge of Las Vegas and their love for breweries make us stand out. They have lived and breathed the city, and they have sampled a wide variety of brews from across the globe, with a special focus on Las Vegas’s home-grown brews. Their vast experience ensures that our content is reliable, accurate, and brimming with insider knowledge.

What We Offer

On LexaveBrew, you’ll find a wide range of resources, including:

  • Comprehensive guides to Las Vegas attractions, restaurants, shows, and more
  • In-depth reviews and insider tips on the city’s best breweries
  • Recommendations for brewery tours and beer tasting experiences
  • Local news and updates on events happening around the city
  • Personalized travel itineraries for different interests and budgets

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We’re based in the heart of Las Vegas. You can find us at:

101 E Charleston Blvd,
Las Vegas, NV 89104,
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We’re always keen to connect with our readers. If you have a question, a suggestion, or just want to share your own Las Vegas story, feel free to get in touch with us. We’re always here to help and are eager to hear from you.

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