9 Best Places to Find Craft Beers in Vegas 2024: My Guide

Best Places to Find Craft Beers in Vegas 2023

When I think of Vegas, it’s hard not to picture dazzling lights, high-energy casinos, and world-class entertainment. But another side to Sin City deserves just as much attention: its thriving craft beer scene.

With many craft breweries and bars, Vegas has become a mecca for beer lovers and enthusiasts. In this article, I’ll share my top 9 picks for the best places to find craft beers in Vegas for 2023.

It’s no secret that Las Vegas has some of the most exciting nightlife in the world, and its booming beer scene is no exception. The variety of flavors and unique atmospheres make it a beer lover’s paradise, catering to newcomers and connoisseurs alike. From quirky taprooms to laid-back brewpubs, you’re sure to find something piques your interest, and I can’t wait to unveil my favorite spots.

For those who think Vegas only has glitz, glam, and generic brews, it’s time to revise your expectations. A labyrinth of liquid gold follows, where I’ll guide you through beer-fueled adventures one pint at a time. So buckle up, grab a glass, and explore the top 9 best places to find craft beers in Vegas 2023.

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1. Yard House

Regarding finding amazing craft beers in Vegas, the Yard House should be on your list of best places to find Craft Beers in Vegas. You might be wondering, why should I choose Yard House? Let me give you a few reasons why this is Vegas’s ultimate craft beer heaven.

Yard House - Best Places to Find Craft Beers in Vegas

Yard House is known for its impressive selection of beers on tap, with over 100 draft beer choices at its flagship location in Las Vegas. That’s right, you’ll find some of the finest local, regional, and international brews waiting for your taste buds to explore. Here are some of their popular offerings:

  • Limited release and seasonal selections
  • Exclusive Yard House collaborations with renowned breweries
  • Rare and hard-to-find craft beers

Their menu is carefully curated, ensuring a little something for everyone. With various beer styles – including IPAs, ales, lagers, stouts, and sours – you will surely find a brew that matches your mood and palate.

Beyond its vast selection of beers, Yard House stands out for its chic, modern atmosphere and mouthwatering food menu. Designed to complement your beer-drinking experience, you’ll find everything from juicy burgers to gourmet street tacos, not to mention their delectable appetizers. Trust me, pairing one of their massive Bavarian pretzels with a cold, crisp craft beer is a match made in heaven!

Regarding accessibility, Yard House boasts an excellent location on the LINQ Promenade, putting you in the heart of Las Vegas. It’s easy to find, and you’ll enjoy exploring the surrounding shops, restaurants, and entertainment options before or after your visit.

Overall, Yard House is an unbeatable choice to indulge your craft beer cravings in Las Vegas. With an extensive beer selection, great food, lively atmosphere, and prime location, you’re in for a treat when you visit this beer lover’s paradise.

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2. Ellis Island Casino & Brewery

I must introduce you to Ellis Island Casino & Brewery, a hidden gem off the Vegas Strip. As a local favorite, this family-owned establishment is a must-visit for craft beer enthusiasts. With its laid-back atmosphere and wide range of in-house brewed beers, Ellis Island has something for everyone.

Ellis Island Casino & Brewery - Best Places to Find Craft Beers in Vegas

First things first: let’s talk about their beer selection. Ellis Island Brewery has always remained true to its roots, handcrafting small-batch beers with premium ingredients. The brewery offers seven signature beers, ranging from light lagers to dark stouts, ensuring everyone’s taste buds are catered for. Some standout selections include:

  • Light Lager, a refreshingly crisp option for hot Vegas days
  • Amber a well-balanced, malty delight that strikes the right balance between sweet and bitter
  • Hefeweizen, a deliciously fruity wheat beer with notes of banana, cloves, and citrus

Besides these stellar options, Ellis Island offers limited-edition seasonal brews and an ever-changing lineup of rotating guest taps, perfect for beer enthusiasts eager to try new flavor profiles or catch their favorite rare brews.

The Ellis Island Casino & Brewery isn’t solely about beer; there’s so much more to experience here! The venue includes a lively casino, a delectable BBQ restaurant, and a cozy karaoke lounge. It’s the whole package for a memorable night out in Vegas.

The casino is open 24/7, offering various gaming options, including slots, video poker, and table games. Its casual, welcoming atmosphere makes it easy to feel right at home while trying your luck.

Don’t forget to indulge in some mouthwatering food as well. At Ellis Island’s BBQ restaurant, the menu boasts a variety of irresistible selections, such as:

  • Baby-back ribs that are slow-cooked to perfection
  • Pulled pork sandwiches that melt in your mouth
  • Loaded nachos with generous toppings

The karaoke lounge lets you celebrate your successful night – or drown your sorrows – by belting out your favorite tunes. With an extensive song library and nightly drink specials, the fun never ends here!

Ellis Island Casino & Brewery is a lively oasis off the Vegas Strip that ensures a memorable night with great craft beer, delicious food, and endless entertainment. A true gem worth discovering, Ellis Island Brewery should be on the top of your Las Vegas itinerary for 2023.

3. Tenaya Creek Brewery

I’ve come across a true gem in craft beers in Vegas: Tenaya Creek Brewery. This local favorite has captured my heart and taste buds with its unique beer offerings and a cozy atmosphere that beckons you in.

Tenaya Creek Brewery - Best Places to Find Craft Beers in Vegas

Established in 1999, Tenaya Creek Brewery has consistently produced creative and delicious craft beers for over two decades. For a good reason, they’ve made a name for themselves in Vegas and on the international stage. Along with their dedication to quality, they’ve got a taproom that offers up to 20 beers on draft, ensuring that there’s always something new and exciting to try.

A few of their standout brews include:

  • Bonanza Brown Ale: A smooth, malty ale with rich caramel notes.
  • Gypsy Fade IPA: Bursting with citrus and floral notes, this IPA balances bitterness and sweetness.
  • Imperial Stout: A full-bodied stout with strong coffee and chocolate undertones.

As if that weren’t enough to entice me (and you), Tenaya Creek also features a Tap Takeover program, showcasing beer from various respected breweries nationwide. One week you could be sipping on a brew from a new up-and-coming brewery, and the next, enjoying a classic from a tried-and-true industry favorite.

Tenaya Creek provides a diverse lineup of food trucks to accompany your craft beer journey, ensuring that you won’t go hungry while indulging in their liquid delights. Their rotating calendar of food trucks includes the following:

  • The Goodwich: Known for their gourmet sandwiches filled with unique ingredients.
  • Served: Serving up creative takes on classic comfort food dishes.
  • Fukuburger: Fusing American and Japanese flavors to create unforgettable burgers.

Tenaya Creek Brewery truly embodies the essence of a warm, welcoming neighborhood bar. From their friendly and knowledgeable staff to their board games and occasional live music, it’s easy to see why it’s become a go-to spot for craft beer enthusiasts. Located at 831 W. Bonanza Road, it’s well worth venturing a little off the Strip for a cold one at this unpretentious Vegas hotspot.

4. Banger Brewing

I’ve always appreciated a good craft beer, and Banger Brewing in Las Vegas is undoubtedly a top spot to quench that thirst. Nestled in the heart of downtown, this brewery has created a renowned legacy of delicious, handcrafted beers over the past decade.

Banger Brewing - Best Places to Find Craft Beers in Vegas

What sets Banger Brewing apart is its dedication to quality and innovation. With an ever-changing selection, there’s always something new to try. I’ve enjoyed a few favorites here, such as El Heffe, a refreshing German-style Hefeweizen with distinctive notes of jalapeño and coriander.

Banger Brewing offers more than just fantastic beer selections. Their friendly and knowledgeable staff always seem eager to help. They’ll gladly introduce you to the intricate world of craft beer as they guide you through their rotating menu.

This establishment has an impressive variety of beer styles to suit everyone’s taste. Some alluring options include:

  • IPAs and pale ales
  • Sours and saisons
  • Porters and stouts
  • Lagers and pilsners
  • Wheat beers

Banger Brewing is also recognized for its unique creations that challenge the status quo. They’ve developed a stout brewed with locally roasted coffee and a saison infused with champagne grapes, to name a few. Moreover, they often collaborate with other local breweries and taprooms to whip up some exceptional, limited-edition brews.

Visiting Banger Brewing isn’t just about sampling their incredible beers; it’s also about having a memorable experience.

The brewery offers guided tours where you can quench your curiosity about the brewing process and even sample some beers straight from the brewing tanks. A bonus Fret not-those who enjoy pub fare; they also offer a mouthwatering menu to pair with your brew selections.

Remember, reservations aren’t required, but you can book a table in advance on their website. So, next time you plan a Vegas trip and need a place to unwind and savor some extraordinary beers, make sure you don’t miss out on Banger Brewing.

5. Aces & Ales

When I set out to explore the craft beer scene in Vegas, I couldn’t leave out Aces & Ales. This amazing establishment is known for offering an impressive selection of craft beers. Here, I’ve uncovered some incredible pairings you’ll find at Aces & Ales to make the most of your beer-tasting experience.

Aces & Ales - Best Places to Find Craft Beers in Vegas

At Aces & Ales, they take pride in their rotating menu of craft beers. You’ll discover a mix of local, regional, and international brews, limited releases, and seasonals. When it comes to beer pairings, it’s essential to consider the profiles of each beer to create a harmonious and flavorful experience. Here are my top picks for some unbeatable craft beer pairings at Aces & Ales:

  • Sweet and Savory: Pair a chocolatey stout, like Founders KBS, with a plate of their mouth-watering buffalo wings. The sweet and rich flavors of the stout will contrast beautifully with the spicy and tangy notes of the wings.
  • Fruity and Fresh: Try a crisp and citrusy IPA, such as Ballast Point Grapefruit Sculpin, alongside a light and refreshing salad. The bitterness of the IPA will cut through the richness of salad dressings, while the citrus notes will complement the fresh veggies.
  • Robust and Rich: Combine a malty and toasty brown ale, like Avery Ellie’s Brown Ale, with a juicy and hearty burger. The caramel notes from the ale will accentuate the savory flavors of the beef and elevate the burger experience.

Aces & Ales also hosts beer events throughout the year, so don’t forget to check their website for upcoming activities. Here’s a quick overview of the events they usually offer:

Tap TakeoversMonthlyFeaturing a particular brewery and their selection of craft beers
Beer DinnersQuarterlyMulti-course meal with curated beer pairings
Beer FestivalsAnnuallyShowcasing a wide variety of craft beers, food, and music

I suggest indulging in some of their delicious pub grub offerings to make your visit even more enjoyable. Their menu boasts decadent dishes like bacon mac & cheese, short rib poutine, and BBQ chicken pizza. These comfort foods provide a great foundation for savoring the incredible craft beer selections at Aces & Ales.

In summary, Aces & Ales should be a must-visit destination for any craft beer enthusiast touring Vegas in 2023. The pairings I’ve mentioned are just a starting point, and I’m sure you’ll find plenty more to discover and enjoy at this exceptional establishment. So, head over and prepare to embark on a fantastic craft beer adventure!

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6. CraftHaus Brewery

When I’m looking for a genuine local beer experience, I can’t help but delight in my visits to CraftHaus Brewery. It’s the perfect spot to immerse oneself in the varied and exciting range of craft beers off the Strip in Las Vegas.

CraftHaus Brewery - Best Places to Find Craft Beers in Vegas

Opened in 2014 by Dave and Wyndee Forrest, CraftHaus Brewery has quickly become a favorite gathering place for beer enthusiasts. It’s known for its dedication to quality, innovation, and community-building. With two locations, one in Henderson and the other in the Downtown Arts District, it’s easily accessible for locals and tourists.

What sets CraftHaus Brewery apart is its unique selection of brews. They boast an ever-changing lineup of flavors and styles, ensuring there’s a beer for every palate. Some of their most popular offerings include:

  • Silver State: A crisp, clean, and refreshing German-style pilsner, perfect for hot Vegas days
  • Evocation: A delicate and fruity Belgian-Style Saison that pairs well with a range of foods
  • Resinate: An intense West Coast IPA packed with hoppy flavors and a lingering bitterness
  • Centerpiece: A rich, creamy, and decadent dessert-like sour ale with notes of chocolate and cherry

Moreover, CraftHaus Brewery also hosts food trucks on-site so you can pair your beer with delicious eats. From tacos and burgers to vegan and vegetarian options, there’s a cuisine for every craving.

So, the next time you’re in Vegas and craving some exceptional, off-the-Strip suds, go to CraftHaus Brewery for an authentic taste of local flavor. It’s an experience not to be missed.

7. Sin City Brewing Co

Sin City Brewing Co serves as an oasis of craft beer in the heart of Las Vegas, founded in 2003. This brewery offers an impressive selection of handcrafted beers as a local favorite and tourist hotspot. You might ask, what makes Sin City Brewing Co so special? Let’s explore and find out.

Sin City Brewing Co - Best Places to Find Craft Beers in Vegas

First and foremost, it’s the beer. Sin City Brewing Co prides itself on producing high-quality craft beers, utilizing fresh ingredients, and following traditional brewing techniques. You can expect to find a variety of beer styles, including:

  • IPAs (India Pale Ales)
  • Stouts
  • Lagers
  • Porters
  • Seasonal offerings

They usually have six core beers on tap and innovative limited releases for adventurous beer lovers.

Secondly, it’s the atmosphere. The brewery offers a warm, inviting space with indoor and outdoor seating options. They are committed to providing a relaxing environment where guests can enjoy their beer to the fullest. You can expect the following:

  • Comfortable seating
  • Ambient lighting
  • Fun artwork and decorations
  • Friendly and knowledgeable staff

Thirdly, it’s the location. Sin City Brewing Co operates four locations across Las Vegas, providing convenient access to their delicious beer no matter where you are on The Strip.

Miracle Mile Shops3663 S Las Vegas Blvd #508, Las Vegas, NV
Grand Canal Shoppes3377 S Las Vegas Blvd #2170, Las Vegas, NV
Harmon Corner3717 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV
Venetian Grand Canal3355 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV

Lastly, Sin City Brewing Co goes beyond just beer. They host various events, like tap takeovers, beer festivals, and special collaborations with other breweries. This encourages community engagement and brings beer enthusiasts together.

When searching for the best places to find craft beers in Vegas, don’t forget to include Sin City Brewing Co on your list. Its outstanding selection of handcrafted beers, relaxing atmosphere, accessible locations, and engaging events make it a must-visit destination for craft beer lovers. So swing by and immerse yourself in the craft beer oasis of Sin City Brewing Co.

8. PT’s Brewing Co

I’ve explored countless hangouts over the years, but few of them have stood out to me, like PT’s Brewing Co. This craft brewery is a must-visit for any beer enthusiast coming to Las Vegas. Not only do they offer a fantastic range of craft beers, but they also serve delicious food that perfectly complements their brews.

PT's Brewing Co - Best Places to Find Craft Beers in Vegas

Located just a short drive off the Strip, PT’s Brewing Co is easily accessible for those who want to taste the finest beer Vegas offers. What makes PT’s unique is its commitment to using high-quality ingredients to create the perfect combination of flavors for every beer lover’s palate.

Their drink menu is regularly updated to offer a variety of craft brews, ensuring there’s always something new to try. Some of the standout options include:

  • Hualapai IPA: A crisp and hoppy beer with a refreshing citrus finish
  • Boulder Stout: A rich and toasty brew that packs a punch with its chocolate and coffee notes
  • Horizon Light: A light, sessionable ale that’s perfect for those looking to indulge without feeling weighed down
Beer NameStyleABV
Hualapai IPAIndia Pale Ale7.0%
Boulder StoutAmerican Stout5.2%
Horizon LightAmerican Light Ale4.0%

Pair your pint with PT’s mouthwatering food options, like their popular Applewood Smoked Bacon Cheeseburger or the flavorful Seared Ahi Tuna Salad. They even have vegetarian and gluten-free dishes, ensuring there’s something for everyone.

While the beer and food are enticing enough, the ambiance at PT’s truly sets it apart. Their spacious, industrial-style interior is accented with warm wood tones and eye-catching artwork – making it an inviting space to kick back and relax. And with plenty of indoor and outdoor seating, accommodating large groups is never a problem.

In addition to its stellar beer selection and tasty bites, PT’s hosts regular events and live music, further establishing it as a premier Vegas hangout. So whether it’s a night out with friends or a casual date night, I can’t recommend PT’s Brewing Co highly enough to satisfy your craft beer cravings in Las Vegas.

9. Hop Nuts Brewing

I’ve spent quite some time exploring the craft beer scene in Vegas, and one spot that stands out is Hop Nuts Brewing. As a local favorite, this brewery offers a wide range of delicious beers and a welcoming atmosphere.

Hop Nuts Brewing - Best Places to Find Craft Beers in Vegas

Located in the heart of the Arts District, Hop Nuts Brewing boasts an impressive beer selection, with options catering to various palates. Here, you’ll find unique and bold flavors such as:

  • The Golden Knight, a Belgian-style Golden Strong Ale
  • Hopathon, an IPA that hop enthusiasts will love
  • Harry Porter, a dark, rich, and chocolaty treat

But it’s not just the quality of the beer that makes Hop Nuts Brewing a great spot. The laid-back vibe and cozy ambiance help you unwind after a long day. You can catch live music on the weekends or enjoy some friendly conversations with patrons and staff.

Travelers also appreciate that Hop Nuts Brewing is within walking distance of other great spots in the Arts District, making planning a fun evening out easy. Plus, the brewery often hosts events, such as tap takeovers, new beer releases, and trivia nights, ensuring there’s always something happening.

A visit to Hop Nuts Brewing is not complete without trying their mouthwatering snacks that complement their craft beers, such as:

  • House-made pretzels with beer cheese
  • Artisanal flatbreads
  • Weekly taco specials

In addition to supporting local talent, Hop Nuts Brewing is committed to environmental responsibility. They utilize eco-friendly procedures like water reclamation, saving thousands of gallons of water each year, making them a sustainable business worth supporting.

Having enjoyed countless craft beers across Vegas, I can confidently say that Hop Nuts Brewing has earned its place as a local favorite. With its vast beer selection, appealing atmosphere, and focus on sustainability, it’s a must-visit for anyone seeking a memorable craft beer experience.

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Now that we’ve discussed the top 9 craft beer spots in Vegas for 2023, it’s clear that there are plenty of options for craft beer enthusiasts. The mentioned establishments bring something special and cater to different tastes.

For a well-rounded beer experience, I’d recommend visiting a mix of these great establishments. Each one caters to a unique aspect of the craft beer scene, offering variety and keeping your taste buds guessing.

In conclusion, Vegas has a thriving craft beer landscape that is constantly evolving. With so many impressive beer destinations available, enthusiasts must stay informed and open-minded. Keep an eye on the latest trends, and explore these top spots when you visit Vegas in 2023. Cheers!

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